The Fear of Public Speaking

      Have you delivered a prepared speech to a huge audience before? It could be during a wedding or funeral ceremony. It could be during an organization meeting or church service. Or it could be during a birthday/ debut or Christmas party.  How did you prepare for it? How did you feel while delivering it? How did your speech went?

     As early as grade school, you were required to give oral reports or recite in front of the class. Your teachers did not mean the short speeches to be nerve-wracking or cause you stress, but unfortunately they often do.  Why? Because as youngsters, you were probably told, "Stand up and discuss this with the class", but you weren't shown how.  Instead you were forced to find your own way to rise before your peers and perform well without shaking.

     The kind of "trial by fire" method of learning to speak publicly may be easy for a few sociable students, but it causes great accounts of  tension to many who are shy. Consequently, when these shy students finish their speaking assignments, they vow, "never again!" And that declaration carries straight into their college and adult life.

     This is an observation of a young grand mom from her students...

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