Happiness is a mug of coffee

Happiness makes you live longer. A mug of coffee puts a smile on my face. Happiness is a mug of coffee.

First thing I do when i get up out of bed is put on a pot of coffee. I sit down with my mug of coffee before my day starts. If I don't have a mug of coffee in the morning to start my blood flowing, I'm not active the rest of the day. It is just like oil to me, as gas to a truck.

While writing this, I sip my coffee in between. I have it black, no cream at all. I ran out of cream and I'm lazy to get out and buy from the nearby store:-). This one I am sipping now as read on the label is Douwe Egberts. It was brought by my aunt last month.  I am not choosy when it comes to brand and type, as long as it has a bitter taste and great aroma. It could be brewed, 3-in-1, or it could be native brought from a tiny store in the market. Or it could be from Starbucks. It could be hot or cold.  Whatever you may call it, basta kape, I'd take it.

I love coffee. It certainly boosts my energy. It gives me a natural high. I am a self-made coffee connoiseur. I drink it in the morning, in the afternoon, whenever I please or even at night to relax. Yep,to relax. It drains all  stress after a day's work.  It keeps me on the go. It is maybe because of the caffeine. I don't know the explanation behind it, but surely, it keeps my mind and my body active.

Happiness makes you live longer. Coffee is happiness. I will live longer because I drink coffee :-)

A mug of coffee a day drives sadness away

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