Is it a plane? Is it Superman? Oh, it is TUNA!

It is celebration time  here in Gen. Santos City, a city that lies in the Southern part of the Philippines. This city is the leading producer of tuna. To thank our Creator for providing such bountiful blessing , we annually celebrate the TUNA FESTIVAL.  The feast for this year commenced  on Sept. 18 and will end on Sept 26.

It is tuna here, tuna there and tuna everywhere! This enormous fish is presently the star of the generals. Tuna replicas, tuna pictures, tuna models, tuna miniatures, real and fake tuna are visible around the city. What is this creature by the way? Tuna fish is a giant relative of the mackerel which is known for its good taste and is hunted worldwide. Tuna thrives in waters that are temperate and tropical. In other words, it is a swimmer.

But have you seen a tuna flying? You will surely get stunned when you see one. When I passed by Gaisano Mall this afternoon for a quick grocery,  I saw a school of tuna flying. I was amazed. I hurriedly rummaged my bag for my camera and took a picture of them.

And here flies the tunas without wings...

"we were tired of swimming..."

"...we believe we can fly."

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