Lesson from my tumbler

 " Develop an interest in life as you see it: the people, things, literature, music -the world is so rich. Simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people.  Forget yourself."

I was proctoring students during their  Physics pre-final exam just this afternoon. My eyes were so busy roving from one student to another, desperately acting vigilant to catch cheaters. I was looking at a totally engrossed-in-her-exam student seated right in front of me when my tumbler I placed on top of the teacher's table caught the scrutiny of my eyes. I have been using this tumbler for almost three years now ( which I received as a Christmas gift from a graduate school classmate) It was only this afternoon that I have noticed its design. There are several quotations of different fonts and abstract photos of varied colors on it. My eyes got fixated on one quotation and that was  the one I used as  my introductory paragraph.

I pondered about it for a long while in between catching cheaters. Until it dawned on me that the message is definitely true. Indeed, as we travel life's road, we should not act selfish. Share what we have. We shouldn't be too much focused on ourselves trying to be perfect in every way.

The world is so rich. True enough. One thing I got interested in recently is literature. I am no good a writer. I admit it.  Though I have wrote a few some years back. I taught literature. Yet, it was plain work for me. But now, there is this fire in me that burns. That is passion in writing which I set aside for a long time. Juices from my brain squeeze profusely that I need to pour them out. Now, I fill other people's empty cups with the juices, my writings, whatever their tastes are.

I tend to forget myself everytime I feel the joys of writing...

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