I have colds. And I have infected the  innocent victims  , my angels. It is a truth that there is no escaping from this common cold virus, especially during this time of the year. They just abound in the air and the most worrying fact is that we can not see them.

Our pedia said , a kid could have colds at leat 6 to 8 times a year. Whooaa! that is really bad. I couldn't afford looking at the kids suffering from clogged nose. They seem helpless.

Aside from the medicine being prescribed by the doctor ,what else a mom could do to help the kids with the cold war? I have thought of some solid steps.

1. Relax, take a rest - when your kid is down with colds, declare it an R And R day. Bond with the kid, read a book, watch TV together. Slowing down on  activities helps  regain the kid's energy.

2. Sip soup- Chicken soup , as proven, helps decongest the nasal airways. The aroma and taste increase the secretion of mucus.

3. Liquids, liquids, liquids - Load up on water and Vitamin C rich juices. They help flush out germs.

4. Gargle with salt and water- this relieves throat pain.

This young grandmom has clogged nose. My angels have runny nose. Definitely, tinolang manok would be on the table later.

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