I don't feel like writing tonight. I don't know what to write. But ideas crowd my mind. Some are noble thoughts , most are clutter fancies. But everything is essential to my brain, to my being. Each one contributes to make a whole brilliant and crazy me. I don't have a plan to discard  any of them . I  want them to stay there. If one is deleted, something goes wrong.

I dont feel like talking tonight either. I just want to tinker and toy with my computer. Toying makes me creative and productive. It makes me bring out the noble thoughts and clutter fancies from my brilliant and crazy mind.

Wait... I'll put into words one of the noble thoughts from my idea-filled mind. " I am going to check papers, quizzes and encode them right away so that tomorrow I'm done with the prefinal grades."  (pauses, thinks deeply)

How about a sample of my clutter fancy? "I am dilly-dallying and procrastinating. Bukas na lang ako magcheck. Kapoy"( winks)

I don't feel like publishing this. Nonsense. But this blog tells the real me. The joyce and the craziness of writing. (smiles)

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