Slimy Saluyot

Joshua harvesting saluyot
 I visited our backyard garden yesterday  morning and this greeny, leafy, shiny plant greeted me with glee. I was amazed at how fast they grow and how quick they multiply. I am referring to the popular Ilocano favorite vegetable, saluyot, (jute leaves).

 It is said that this plant when eaten regularly would make us look young, healthy and beautiful. This thrives almost anywhere in the country, requires little care in cultivation, and grows year-round. Research reveals that Saluyot is rich in beta-carotene for good eyesight, iron for healthy red blood cells, vitamin C for clear, smooth skin, strong immune cells and fast-wound healing.

 Saluyot can be prepared into dishes like dinengdeng of the Ilocano, bulanglang, or sauteed with bamboo shoots.It can also be cooked paksiw style where you put vinegar, garlic and mix with bagoong ( fish sauce).

 I harvested a bunch of this "wow vegetable" yesterday with my ever-energetic grandson. This young grand mom wants to remain young with the help of  hyperoxidant at no cost- and that is Saluyot.

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