STI Intrams Cheers and yells!

I just got home from the opening program of the 3- day intramurals of our students. It is a variety of individual and team sports which is held in an old sports complex away from the city. It is fun, recreational, competitive and social sports activity.  It was sooo hot and humid this morning, the participants were equally hot.  The determination, willpower, and strength of character to win and to go home triumphant were evident on the participants' faces. However, their youthful wits, funny antics and childlike behavior were always a part of them. It was fun looking at them enjoying with so much energy and enthusiasm.

Through this kind of activity, they are being molded physically and socially. The games are all about teamwork and having a good time. It didn't matter what their course is, or what year level they belong to. The intramural sports aren't just about sports, they are morale boosters for the kids.

May each student possess a sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship. Go, STIers!

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