Young Grandmom

My blog name is younggrandmom's page. Why did I pick it as my page's title? Hmmm, well, it speaks for itself. Yes, I am, @ 43 is a grandmom to two sweet angels, 3 year-old Joshua Angelo and 7 month-old Joaquim Ranilo. And I am proud of that. Other grandmothers couldn't just accept they already have a bunch of grandchildren because it will make them old. Not me. My angels bring me immeasurable  joy and incomparable happiness which make me feel young.  Joshua once picked a flower from the garden and  handed in to me with  excitement. It means the world to me. Everytime I see Joaquim's sweet little face and bright cheery smile, every sacrifice is much worthwhile and it fades away. Now I fully  understand why  grandmoms are called grand. Now I realize why lolas are spoilers. And now I appreciate why grannies love unconditionally.
This is the story my page. Young grandmom. Pretty young lola, Mama 'ki.

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