Feeling Cinderella

Every fairy tale should have a captivating story, fascinating characters, remarkable locations and ..... attractive slipper. I am imagining about Cinderella at this moment :-) I am going to pen about slippers since I am an avid fan of them. The lowly slippers have found their step in the world  of  fashion. They could be spotted on the feet of a diverse user: from moms, grannies, students, career women and even celebrities. Flip flops, slippers and flats are fun, comfortable, colorful and cool. Why not try to design your pair of slippers for a change? I think it would be sassy... put some accents like ribbons, flowerettes, bow, fruits made of plastic. Make it elegant, girly and trendy:-)

Just a thought from a feeling Cinderella young grand mom:-)... who loves her pink flats..

my pink flats given by my BFF Jinny

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