Green turned Black

The countryside unveiled itself endlessly as we travel leading to Cotabato City early this morning.  My eyes which were hungry with green scenery sketched the horizon and scanned the fields. They were delighted with the sight of rice paddies, pineapple plantation, mango and coconut trees, and of course green grasses. I enjoyed the continually  changing backdrop. All was green. It was very refreshing to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city. But as we approached the Maguindanao  province, the color turned black, figuratively. I don't want to elaborate this. I think everyone knows the reason why. I had a strange feeling while passing through that area. I have wanted to take a shot of that "popular" mansion, but my mom refrained me from doing so. I just braced myself and prayed that we could get out alive :-)

from green fields
to killing fields

Luckily we did hehe. Anyway, I am just sharing the colors of my day : from Green to Black!   
Nevertheless, everything turned pink when we reached our destination. Party!

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