Handling an angel's tantrums

 The boss doesn't want to talk

My 3 year old grandson, Owa, threw tantrums yesterday. It was not the first time though. He would whine, cry, kick, shout everytime he gets pissed off. His tantrums yesterday were triggered when his younger brother, Waki, innocently played with his favorite toy car. Upon seeing his brother touching his toy, without saying a word, he started  tossing away all his toy cars at any direction. He scattered his books, crayons and anything his little hands could touch with. I was just looking at him, waiting for the time he would calm down. He calmed down after awhile but he just sulked in one corner. I just let him enjoyed his peace while sulking.

That is one of the methods that  I use when he has tantrums. Another technique to handle child tantrums is talking to  the child when he calms down. We should teach the child to release his/her tantrums and feelings  through words. We can even praise a child for calming down quickly. When we handle child tantrums parents should make sure that the child is not out of their view to avoid untoward incidents.

Dealing with children throwing tantrums is a not so easy job. Temper tantrums is a part of their growing up and should not be seen as negative. We should be patient enough in dealing with them.

Remember, unlike adults, children don't have the same inhibitions or control.

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