How to dry roses

How to dry roses 

When I was in high school, I used to pick some flowers, especially roses, along the road where I traverse everyday. They were tiny roses which were commonly called as native roses. ( I don't know if that is the exact name. Whatever!)   There was a time, I tied a rose taken from a neighbor's garden on the window near my bed so that I could smell its fragrance while I lied down. I left it there hanging.  I was waiting for it to wilt, but never it did wither even after a week. Here is what I have discovered.

Air drying method could preserve a rose.

This method is best for rose buds that are just about to open. Hang them in a warm, dry and dark place with good ventilation for  two weeks. I think it is best to tie a string around the stems  and hang them upside down. This will prevent moisture from becoming trapped between the flowers which can mold them. Once they are completely dried  be sure to handle them with care for they will now be brittle.You can display  them tightly in a terracotta pot. They will make a wonderful display. 

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