Joseph's Sinuglaw

It's weekend! It is a wonderful time to bond with the kids. And what is the best way to bond? What else but to cook and eat together...

My son, Joseph prepared "Sinuglaw", or Sinugbang Kinilaw for lunch. Actually it is a mixture of grilled pork and tuna kinilaw. There is no need to prepare dipping sauce for the grilled pork once it is tossed to the prepared tuna kinilaw.

  •    Ingredients:
  •    1/2 kilo tuna
  •   1/2 cup vinegar
  •    1 medium onion
  •    1 medium cucumber
  •    Pinch of salt
  •    1 medium ginger
  •    5 pieces lemon
  •    1 piece hot chili

  1.  cut fish into cubes
  2.  put it into the bowl
  3.  Pour the vinegar
  4.  Cut the lemon in half and squeeze it.
  5.  Put the sliced onion,  ginger, cucumber and salt to taste in the bowl together with the fish
  6.  Leave it out for one hour in the refrigerator before you serve.

Grill the pork belly, cut into cubes then toss it into the kinilaw mixture.

Indeed, with my kids around and with food on the table, weekends are great!

tuna cubes

sliced cucumber


grilled pork belly

mixture of tuna kinilaw and pork belly

Joseph's Sinuglaw

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