On goodbye and pizza pie

Goodbye is the saddest word ever written,
Adiós in Spanish, Au revoir in French,
Others say, till we meet again, 
It can be a slight pat on the shoulder,
or merely a hurting eyes' stare.
Pizza pie is the sweetest food ever made,
Cheese, tomatoes sauce,sausage or olives,
A slice or two are something to behold,
Its taste is made in heaven,
it buries the  heart's pain that untold. 

Sad goodbye and sweet pizza pie;
Both came together in a day,
The former shattered the heart,
The latter satisfied the appetite. 
But they said goodbyes are not forever,
Goodbyes are simply not the end.
They literally mean I'll miss you or
Until we meet again!
Pizza pie is forever,
Always there to keep company,
It helps to forget the goodbye,
It  fills  the emptiness in me. 

Disclaimer: the picture of the child in the rain is not mine


  1. Hi Joyce... thanks for dropping by...love the poem.. di ko alam pwede diay pagsabayin ang pizza og goodbye..lol... see yah!

  2. hahah tnx verns! pwede kaayu hehe