The paws that cure

When I was so down in my life, a friend suggested I get a pet. Though I already have pets that time, I just didn't have the chance to appreciate their presence. She said the unconditional love the pets will give will put back the smile on my face in no time. 
They did! My dogs can help heal. They indeed make me smile when I get to play with them. I am saying " they" because I have 4 dogs. However, Buding is my favorite among the four. She is a makulit and malikot. She barks loudly when I pass by her dog house, and she  always gets my attention.
Pets can relieve stress. They offer companionship, something to nurture, unconditional love and a sense of security in new situations. I think they are nonjudgmental :-), uncomplicated and loyal. They don't have problems when interacting with human beings. Just like  Buding, she is always there to listen to my woes hehehe.
Buding in her pensive mood
I used to have 40+ love birds of different colors but ill-mannered neighbors stole them away. How I cried then. I have chickens, yung isa medyo bobo:-) I have blogged a about him before. (Please read "My pitiful rooster"). And of course my dogs of different breeds and sizes. They incessantly put a smile on my face.
With those pets around, who needs a doctor? :-)

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