Random thoughts and emotions: Sick :-(

I have been down and sick for almost a week now. Last Wednesday, I totally lost my voice, followed by a fever, cough and colds on the next day. Though I was not really  feeling ok, I managed to go out with my cousins yesterday to enjoy some vanity. I thought I would  feel better after that. Just this afternoon, during the seminar at school, while I was trying to listen intently to the speaker,  I felt like my head was being screwed literally. It was spinning so bad. I felt grumpy and grouchy, nevertheless, I handled not to show it.  

But I swear, I don't feel good physically. I have muscle pains and back pains. I think my right ear is swollen too. And this stuffed nose irritates me heaps. Just beside my lappy, my meds lie. My eardrops, cough and colds meds, and of course, the ever dependable vick's vaporub.

Tomorrow will be the 2nd day of our seminar. I hope it will be as interesting as what we had today. I don't want to miss it.

And I hope I wont be down.

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