Sleepless in Gensan

It is past midnight. I glance at my clock and it reads 1:25 a.m. I am supposed to be in a deep slumber  by now under the comfort of my favorite snoopy designed blanket, with my overused soft pillow upon my feet. Sleep is so untame.

I have tried several techniques just to get drowsy, but to no avail.  I have tried counting from number 1 until I doze off. But, goodness, I've reached counting until 879 and got tired murmuring so I stopped. Next thing I did was figuring out images in every corner of the walls up to the ceiling. I sighted an owl with big rounded eyes on the right corner of the ceiling. He was staring at me. I got scared, so I closed my eyes tightly.  Waaa! I gathered my strength. Why should I be scared with that big eyed birdie. He couldn't beat me! I slowly opened my eyes and stared back at him! He was still there. But sorry, my eyes were sharper than his this time hehehe. I turned my back on that owlie. There, on my left side was the wall. Just a plain wall designed with pebbles. Again  my imagination served me so well. A picture of shining, shimmering , splendid stones that looked like diamonds were on that wall. I even lazily stretched my left hand to touch them,the diamonds, but only to get back to my senses that they were just pebbles..cold pebbles.

 Hayy, I still couldn't sleep. So I got up and opened this ever loyal ,dependable, bestfriend lappy. I decided to write about  the first thing that comes out my mind until I get sleepy. Thus, this nonsense writing- ayaw dalawin ng antok. Grrrr!

It is 1:50 am. This is no longer good. No good for my skin and  bad for my health . It will add wrinkles on my forehead and will create dark circles around my eyes. :-) I should hit the bed!

This sleepless in Gensan will now go to sleep in a palace full of diamonds with  a huggie-owlie snoring beside her... only in my dreams. Nytie, errr, mornin',  folks!

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