Teachers' break comin' up!

Wow! We are walking into the last  week of our school this semester. It has been an interesting semester full of learning, reflection, realizations, understanding, and change and of course FUN especially at the faculty room. I love the kind of relationship we have in STI. When we teachers are working, we are really into it. But after classes, we are just like students who rant and ramble:-)  At work, I've learned a lot about myself personally and professionally- I still need to grow, need to do some changing, need to be content with the things I can not change. And I need to learn how to beat the deadline hehehe.

I will take this semestral break to recharge myself, to relax, to be a grand mom, to be a mom, a daughter, and a wife. Hahaha! The last one ( a wife) isn't included. I am no longer a wife:-)  Of course I will mix in a pinch of  painting and sketching , and bowls and bowls of good down to earth reading. That is what I look forward to,  just to enjoy books and e-books. And obviously, I will write. I will blog and.... I will definitely start writing my thesis. lol!

As for the up-coming semester.... well, I am looking forward to it. There will be new challenges and more learning in store. And hopefully more fun at the faculty room with my co-teachers!
fun , fun, and fun

more fun fun fun

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