Tiny Garden Ideas

When rainy season begins and all kinds of plants start arriving at local nurseries and garden centers, the time is great for planting a new small garden or renewing an old one. Gardening is a popular pastime - for some it is a hobby, and for others it is a livelihood.

Sadly, many people do not have enough space for real large scale gardening. That doesn't mean you can't garden - yes, a small garden can be more fun than a large one, because the amount of work needed goes up with size. It simply means you have to plan suitably. Some plants need a large garden to be convenient, but there are many others that work very well when space is in short supply.

Spices and herbs are practical option for the small garden. Plant a few specimens of each of your favorite pepper varieties and you'll have fresh ingredients for salads growing close at hand. If you've never tasted the difference between a salad made out of non-fresh veggies and one made completely out of fresh, homegrown produce, then you're missing out.

It is my semestral break. I started fixing my small garden just today. 

a herb garden

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