Safety tips for trick and treaters

It's trick and treat time for our little monsters and ghosts. Some malls give treats to the kids.  Be sure when we bring our kids there, we should keep in mind these trick and treating safety tips.

  • Be sure a child's mask allows full visibility and breathing. Some masks sometimes only have small eye slits and nothing for the nose or mouth, example is a Spiderman mask. Parents should try on masks for size and not hesitate to cut out larger openings for a trick or treater's comfort. If possible, find a mask that "breathes" and is easy to put on and off. The types of mask that easily can slide up on the head and then pulled down are best.

  • Trick or treaters should walk, not run. Kids love to run. To avoid accident, remind them to just walk while trick or treating from one store to another.

  • Only carry flexible props, such as knives, swords, ninja items, etc., that can't cause injury if a kid accidentally falls.

  • Be sure kids don't get over-heated and keep hydrated. Plan costumes. Be sure your child is comfortable; don't have your child dress in an adorable lions costume with heavy fur and hood or a fairy costume that has too much "borloloy".

  • Think "practical" over "cute" when picking a trick or treat goody bag or container. Some of seemingly-fun ones sold in stores are heavy--before any treats are added; others are too long and will drag the ground or have sharp edges that could scrape against tender skin.

  • Move over now. Here comes the ghosts, monsters, goblins and fairies!

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