Wet Paint ! Do not Touch!

It is Sunday. It is a Holy day. I just want to share what I have read today from My Daily Walk.

Rules and Restrictions bring about the absolute worst in people! There is something about seeing a sign that says Wet Paint- Do Not Touch that makes us a little touchy. Signs such as keep off the grass of Don't Feed The Chimps or Speed Limit 55 seem to whisper in our ears, "I dare you..." But did you stop ever to think why those rules are there? Someone is trying to look out for the best interests of you and others. They know that fresh paint looks better on park benches than on dresses; that grass stays prettier when a horde of people isn't trampling it to death; that chimps don't survive well on a diet of Chippy; and that gas- and people- last longer if you drive moderately. Such rules are for your own good.

Indeed rules are for our own good. However,some people tend to break rules. Some people find happiness by doing their own thing and they do not care about rules and restrictions. We should always bear in our minds that these are announced for our own protection. God gave His laws to protect His people. Abide the rules and laws and be humble. Happy Sunday!


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